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FM WhatsApp APK

Today we’ll review the original WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp APK, an updated app. This article discusses the traits, pros, and cons. Therefore, pay attention if you want an interesting reading.

We live in a modern world heavily dependent on communication. Typically, many messaging apps came onto the market with smartphones. People use original applications, but as the king of contact, you may say WhatsApp. This allows you to be ultra-private during any kind of messaging. Yet we want more, because of human nature. Therefore, developers develop similar apps such as WhatsApp.

Why should you use FM WhatsApp APK?

This app is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp as you already know it. Yet why do you want to use that? The response is simple; for a more visual experience and cool features that are not present in the original application. This software allows you the right to customize, and you can customize the software to your satisfaction. For instance, if you don’t like the original app’s green layout then link the WhatsApp group connection here, you can change it to the revised version. The convenience will contribute to your satisfaction with the esthetics.

This updated version has the sole purpose of offering more functionality, user-friendly interface, and required add-ons.

What exactly is FM WhatsApp APK?

This is WhatsApp’s Best Updated edition like GB Whatsapp. And Foud Apps (developer FoudMakkad) has developed this. He added several features to the app and introduced them to users. The software is not available on the Google Play store, but we can download it from a website of a third party. But you need to be careful and use antivirus before installing the software, because it may contain viruses and malware on the third party website.

FMwhatsApp is a fantastic version that allows you to cover your last viewed screen, delivery log, online status, and other icons. You’ll enjoy the variety of thousands of library subjects, with plenty of choices to make.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

This app’s latest version has new additional and distinct features which we’ll list below.

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The following makes this demand.

1) You can change the original app’s green theme with the color you like and the collection from the library.
2) You can add custom themes to your library which will embrace thousands of topics.
3) By changing colors and icon graphics, you can personalize all the icons in the app.


1) You can apply privacy tweaks to the App allowing you to mask features such as last updated, blue ticks, and double ticks.
2) You can disable the video calling feature, which is not possible in the original App.
3) You can use the app lock that lets you set the App password. That is why you can protect your data.

Exclusive features :

1) Contacts need not require saving for sending messages. This program lets you send messages without saving to contacts.
2) The simple app allows you to pin only three chats but with this version, you can pin 100 chats.
3) You have the option of changing the community colors missing from the original version.

Security features :

1) The app lock is built-in, which is not present in the original application. You can password-protect the device.
2) You can protect a chat by inserting a Button.

Increased limits :

1) This app lets you send messages to a large 500-person group. It allows only 250 users into the original app.
2) You can send an address up to 60 pictures. That is not allowed by the native app.

Pros of this APK

The following are the software Pros.

1) It has an anti-delete function that prevents the recipient from deleting the messages sent to you.
2) You can pick any theme from the library that includes a collection of over a thousand themes.
3) You can share ten images in a single post.
4) we can exchange The big files up to 700 MB.

Cons of this APK

Below are a few downsides to the program.

1) This App’s key principle is secrecy. And the developer can see the messages you sent and got. This vulnerability will jeopardize your safety and developers will spy on you.
2) The other downside here is pace. All functions run slower than the native program.

Our Verdict:

Its servers fit well with the original App. But if you need a little variety in your App menu, then FmWhatsApp has the perfect side choice. This will give you the latest features that are missing from the original Version. But if you’re concerned about utter privacy and legality, you don’t have to indulge in the amended version. The changed App can give you variety, customization, & personalization, but it can’t guarantee your absolute privacy. We’ve written detailed information for you. Now, the decision is yours, and you will face the consequences. So weigh the pros and cons, then decide what’s best for you. We can only guide you. But the decision will always be yours.

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