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Whatsapp Aero have the unique attractions like Instagram Stories Style and Facebook Messenger Home UI 

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WhatsApp Aero APK

We’ll tell you today about Aero WhatsApp APK, a updated version of the original App. Because of more functionality and extra satisfaction several users are switching to this App. The article will inform all of you. Read on to find out more. Having read this you won’t be the same.

Today, without WhatsApp, which has become the prime application for texting, file sharing and voice note communication, the essence of communication isn’t complete. In addition, WhatsApp uses end-to-end Messaging protection. Because of this all contact becomes more safe and private. In addition, message delivery ticks which tell the status of the message are also a feature that attracts more users. aAs a result, whatsApp now has more than a billion users.

What is Aero WhatsApp APK?

It is a masterpiece application developed by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar who is interested in creatively coding it. Bozkurt simply took FoudMakdad’s WhatsApp cut, and polished it perfectly. This App focuses on performance and thematics. All other features are the same as whatsApp’s FoudMakdad edition.

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

All other amended versions of WhatsApp allow the original App to be uninstalled. But as a secondary App this version can work. You don’t have to worry about the WhatsApp authorities, that way.

All of the apps are detailed here.

Aero themes:

The rich user interface includes the collection of different themes. The Turkish developer Bozkurt has added more themes to the version of FoudMakdad and the YoWhatsApp. Now, you have thousands of thematic options. So, creatively and esthetically correctly select your Download. If we talk exact numbers, then you have the option of selecting a theme from over 3000 themes.

Home screen customization :

The home screen needs to be pleasing to your eyes and according to your wishes. That’s why Buzkurt has introduced the latest functionality for home screen customisation. Available in 14 different models. All styled are indicated below.

    • WA-AERO (Default)
    • Telegram
    • WAMOD
    • WACA
    • WANH
    • NL Mods
    • Stock
    • Prime V1 to V6F

Extra Features :

1) The App helps the user to turn off the so-called DND mode internet.
2) The App has an expanded picture sharing limit of up to 10 plus one message images.
3) The file cap is also increased and allows you to upload up to 100 MB of file.
4) The App features Titanium backup functionality to automatically back up your files.
5) You have the right to turn the proximity sensor on or off.
6) The earpiece output can be switched to speaker output, and vice versa.
7) You should submit photographs that are of high quality and maximum resolution.
8) Off the gallery you can hide some media. It means you can protect your private image, your videos and your gifs.

9) The settings Interface is different from the original App.
10) You can disable forward messages.
11) Anti-delete can be set to statuses and messages.
12) You can pick who you can call to.
13) The blue tick, single tick and double ticks you should cover.
14) The font styles can be modified.
15) The conversation screen can be tailored to the User.
16) Variants of Emoji exist. And you can add emoji to your conversation via Facebook.
17) The App has an auto-reply feature, allowing you to accelerate communication.
18) You can schedul efficiency messages.
19) You can add stories about your Instagram style to your profile.


How to install Aero WhatsApp APK?

You need to download and update the Software from here. The following things you’ll need.

1) You must have a computer, a laptop or a tablet.
2) An Internet connection is needed.
3) Android smartphone is required.
4) Setting up the App.
5) A USB cable.

The measures to install the Device are listed here.

1) Open your phone, tablet, or laptop.
2) Sign in to the website.
3) Then open your web browser.
4) You need to move on to Google.com after that.
5) You’ll then need to search the App name query.
6) You will get a download page of the product.
7) The App must then be downloaded from any third party website.
8) The configuration file will then be moved to your mobile phone.
9) You’ll then need to mount the gallery software.
10) Setup takes a couple of minutes to load, so wait.
11) Backup the initial Device data instead.
12)Uninstall the original App after that.
13) Copy the data to the new Device after uninstalling.
14) Now you have to use a brand new App.

Is Aero WhatsApp APK legal?

This feature falls s in the law’s gray list. You can’t call it legal, not civil. But there’s no case you’ve seen any trouble using this App. It’s called illegal by the WhatsApp team but they don’t ban the accounts using it. That’s why you can use it without fearing to bann it.

It is not in the play shop, in addition. The explanation points to a skepticism about the App’s status. Additionally, certain third-party websites charge a download fee for the App. That also makes legality more complex and intimidating to the brain.

Our Verdict:

Aero WhatsApp is the original App’s best-modified version which allows you to customize almost all. With regard to distribution status and media gallery you have the right to be more intimate. Turkish developers have made a great effort to make this Feature a fantastic experience for consumers. You will test this Device on your own obligation because, contrary to the policies of the original gbWhatsApp, the developer will access your data from its server.

We have kept you well updated in this post. And you have to make the right choice for your mobile.

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